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The Funeral of Youth Ambitions

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We’ve all been at this subject over and over again. Social media influencers, or more specifically, popular instagrammers. I’m not referring to all of them, I’m referring to the ones who are popular not for their specialty, not for their craft, but merely for posting selfies and videos of their daily lives and ramblings. Some instagrammers have reached that level by being an expert in something or associated with any kind of creativity: fashion bloggers, artists, musicians, writers; those are very legit in comparison. But those who baffle me are the popular instagrammers who when asked about, no one can answer what are they known for, except with: oh, everyone knows them on instagram. Read the rest of this entry »

Real Life Influencers Vs. Social Media Influencers

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The Influencers

I couldn’t help but wonder after Giorgio’s passing away, how he’s a true community influencer, he changed so many lives around him with his support, he mentored so many youth, and he will be remembered for years to come for all the good he did in this community. The kind of good for the sake of goodness and utter believe in being part of creating a better world, not the kind of good for the sake of commercialism or social media fame. Read the rest of this entry »