Saved by Their Greed: How I Escaped A Scam Attempt

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I never thought I could ever fall for a digital scam, because I heard enough stories and I do come with a background in IT, so I know how things work. Little did I know! So here is what happened:

I decided to sell my old laptop, so I went to good old Dubbizle, benchmarked the price of similar laptops, and then posted the Ad there. Few hours later I got couple of emails from individuals asking me about my last price. So I replied to both of them saying the posted price AED 2,700, and the discounted price is AED 2,500 if they were serious. I was considering lowering it even further if they were persistent and were going to take it on spot.

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.06.16 AM

An hour later, one of them continued the conversation. His name was “Issam Umar” and he sent this: Read the rest of this entry »