#BookReview Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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That void good books leave behind..
I finished this book last night and just absolutely loved it! Although it was relatively long, almost 600 pages, it wasn’t easy to put down at all.
It’s the first fictional book I read for african authors, and they definitely have a wealth of writing.
Chimamanda’s book Americanah  is a about a Nigerian girl who grew up in Nigeria and makes the move to the US to continue her study there after all the issues happening in Nigeria. She spends almost 15 years there before she decides to move back to Nigeria. Read the rest of this entry »

Saved by Their Greed: How I Escaped A Scam Attempt

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I never thought I could ever fall for a digital scam, because I heard enough stories and I do come with a background in IT, so I know how things work. Little did I know! So here is what happened:

I decided to sell my old laptop, so I went to good old Dubbizle, benchmarked the price of similar laptops, and then posted the Ad there. Few hours later I got couple of emails from individuals asking me about my last price. So I replied to both of them saying the posted price AED 2,700, and the discounted price is AED 2,500 if they were serious. I was considering lowering it even further if they were persistent and were going to take it on spot.

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An hour later, one of them continued the conversation. His name was “Issam Umar” and he sent this: Read the rest of this entry »