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5 Ways Millennials Can Secure Their Future Financially

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How can millennials secure their future financially in the absence of a suitable pension system for them.

Artwork by Hamda AlMansoori (Instagram: @planet64)
Artwork by Hamda AlMansoori (Instagram: @planet64)

With the UAE’s pension system that isn’t open for the non-Emirati population within the UAE, and with the Emirati millennials (and all millennials for that matter) following a lifestyle that can’t fit the pension system, what are the youth in the UAE doing today to secure their tomorrow?

The Emiratis who were born in the 50s and 60s, who worked their whole career in one company, are often caught talking about receiving their pensions or processing the last paperwork to start receiving it into their accounts. The ones born in the 70s often spent their whole career in two or maximum three workplaces, so they’ve struggled a little bit in sorting their pension paperwork when moving between jobs. However, with the millennial (those born post-1980), the case is a little different.

The millennials across different behavioral research are known to have much shorter tenures than their predecessors. In a research done by PayScale -an online salary, benefits and compensation information company in the US- it was found that people born in the 50s and 60s had a tenure average of over 15 years, people born in the 70s had an average tenure of over 5 years, and the millennials had an average tenure of 1.5 to 2 years[i].

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10 Facts You Need to Know About Ahmed Zewail

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Many of us woke up today to the saddening news of Professor Ahmed Zewail’s death. A figure that inspired us all in so many ways, and inspired a whole generation of science lovers in the Arab region upon being awarded the Nobel Prize in chemistry back in 1999. He was a respected professor of chemistry and physics, was known for spreading his knowledge in every way he could, and he made it his mission to inspire. But what do we really know about him? Do we know his life happenings that made him who he is? Do we know his actual achievements aside of the Nobel award? And do we even know what exactly was the research that won him the Nobel?


Here are 10 facts about him, to help us all know more about our late cherished professor Ahmed Zewail:

  1. He was born and raised in Egypt, and he got his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Chemistry from Alexandria University in 1967 and 1969.[i]
  2. He moved to the US to complete his Ph.D. in Pennsylvania by 1974, and then moved to the University of California, Berkeley, for his postdoctoral studies. After which he was appointed as a faculty member in California Institute of Technology (CalTech). [i]

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Why Do Some People Read And Some Don’t?

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Why do people read? What do people read? Why do some people not enjoy reading? Being an avid reader and a true believer in the benefits of reading, I will try to answer some of those questions from my own observations and experiences.



As many of you know, the year 2016 has been announced to be the year of reading in the UAE, with all efforts directed towards creating a sustainable reading culture in the country. But the announcement has brought forward some questions like: Why do people read? What do people read? Why do some people not enjoy reading? Being an avid reader and a true believer in the benefits of reading, I will try to answer some of those questions from my own observations and experiences.

I started reading from a very young age because I was blessed with parents who are both enthusiastic readers. My parents till today are regular visitors to bookshops and the annual Sharjah International Book Fair. I only recently realized that that was something not to be taken for granted, and that not many parents enjoy reading.

I have read throughout my childhood and adolescence. I enjoyed reading everything, from the most imaginative and unbelievable fiction/non-fiction to the most scholarly research papers. Whether I was happy or upset, there was always some joy to be found in reading. If I felt low, reading fiction would, within a few pages, make me forget my surroundings and everything else, transporting me to the magical life of the book. I recall that even when I was in the middle of writing my Master’s dissertation, I would write for an hour and take a 10-minute break to read whatever fictional book I had at the time.

The rest of the article is published on Sail Magazine via this link.

I Discovered I Have A Song For Every Mood, Here Are My 5 Life Soundtracks

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As it was raining today, a song instantly came to my mind which I later realized always does come to my mind every time I see the rain, and literally my mind would obsess with singing it as long as I’m in the rain. Then on the radio there was this remixed version of an old song I’ve always loved, really old, almost 30 years old kind of old! And I then realized this has always been a song I enjoy on highways. And it suddenly dawned on me, I have songs for different moods! My life has soundtracks! It’s how my mind copes or relates to surrounding changes around me!

Here are my 5 life soundtracks: Read the rest of this entry »

Humanity Prevailed by Forces Majeure

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The UAE has been witnessing some intense rain in the past 2 days, and today the rain just took a whole new level to the extent that schools and universities closed for today and tomorrow. In Abu Dhabi, the rain was heavy since yesterday, water levels in the roads are getting relatively high that it affects driving, and with additional storms there, roads are regularly blocked by fallen trees.

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My 7 Takes On Traveling With Emirati Men Of The 60s Generation

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IMG_7276I had the opportunity of being selected as part of the Emirati Delegation of publishers and authors by the UAE’s Ministry of Culture to the Casablanca international book fair in Feb 2016. The Ministry has organized few sessions by Emiratis whether speakers of culture and history, the story and novel writing in UAE, poetry, and publishers. In a way or another, my group that I was part of, beyond the session I gave, was of 4 men, 3 of which were of the 60s born generation, the educated well-read part of them. And their company in this trip was such an enriching experience in so many ways. Read the rest of this entry »

How To Maneuver Your Way Around #EAFOL Schedule (@EmiratesLitFest)

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For the past couple of years I’ve been hearing few people complaining about not finding many sessions of their liking in the Emirates Airlines Festival of Literature (EAFOL), and most times I hear those remarks before I had a chance to look at the schedule, so my response would be “I really hadn’t looked through it yet so I can’t judge”. But when I eventually do look through it, I find a good number of sessions that I have to choose between and often end up having to pay a good amount of money on those sessions (even though I do get the discount of Festival of Friends membership, which is a must for any loyal #EAFOL fan)! So how do I keep finding things and they don’t? Read the rest of this entry »

Why Are We So Afraid Of Talking About Failure?

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Although this has been on my mind for a while as a realization, but coming out of this movie made me realize how accurate my realization was. Western culture highlights and celebrates failure very often, and in all different media platforms, while Arabs shy away from it, burry it, and prefer to pretend success comes overnight, and failure means failure. Read the rest of this entry »

Emirati + Women = Double Minority

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Minority double_

Do you ever look around and sometimes feel like you’re just floating and observing things around with a bird view? Analyzing everything from an outsider perspective, and realizing many things that may seem to skip the people in the situation you’re observing? So I frequently observe few things such as: Read the rest of this entry »

My Mother’s Inexplicable Sickness And The Magical Pill

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My mother was always a healthy person, more than any of us at home for that matter, until she hit her mid 50s, don’t worry, this post has a happy ending, but we had to go through so many scary lows before we could finally reach the high happy ending. Read the rest of this entry »