I Discovered I Have A Song For Every Mood, Here Are My 5 Life Soundtracks

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As it was raining today, a song instantly came to my mind which I later realized always does come to my mind every time I see the rain, and literally my mind would obsess with singing it as long as I’m in the rain. Then on the radio there was this remixed version of an old song I’ve always loved, really old, almost 30 years old kind of old! And I then realized this has always been a song I enjoy on highways. And it suddenly dawned on me, I have songs for different moods! My life has soundtracks! It’s how my mind copes or relates to surrounding changes around me!

Here are my 5 life soundtracks:

  • When it rains: Pink’s song with her father it’s called: “I have seen the rain” (at 1:35), it’s a beautiful song, just trust me on that, you will never see the rain without hearing this song!
  • Highway driving when your brain is just calm: Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Cars” (at 2:00), but here is a modern remixed version of it (at 1:15).
  • Swimming and just enjoying it: Sade’s “Flow” (at 0.55).
  • When I see a beautiful natural scenery: The musical of The Color Purple: “The reprise” (at 1:50). Something about this musical that makes you appreciate nature in a divine way!
  • A song that just uplifts me when I need it or makes me appreciate my crazy fast paced life: OneRepublic: “I lived”, the whole song really.

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