My Mother’s Inexplicable Sickness And The Magical Pill

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My mother was always a healthy person, more than any of us at home for that matter, until she hit her mid 50s, don’t worry, this post has a happy ending, but we had to go through so many scary lows before we could finally reach the high happy ending.

My mother was a full time employee for more than 30 years in one of the oldest organizations in the UAE, a wife and a mother of 3 children, and she raised us so amazingly as a superwoman along with her work that had crazy hours at times. She almost never depended on restaurant food or junk food, I think as kids we were only allowed once a week a junk food meal! She ensured we never overdo chocolate or potato chips, not only did it add weight she used to say, it’s also not healthy. At the time, I never knew what healthy and not healthy meant, but I took her words for it, and in retrospect, I’m so grateful I did! So she ensured all the cooking she did by herself was with minimal oil, minimal salt, right amount of vegetables, she ensured we had our three healthy meals and healthy snacks daily, and so on. In addition to all that, she would walk for an hour on a daily basis, drink load of water, and never had issues with blood pressure or diabetes.

So what happened? Suddenly she started to get inexplicably sick and tired. She would get dizzy at random times of the day, feel nausea but couldn’t vomit anything, she’d have issues with maintaining her focus, she’d be fatigued all the time, and just depressed. We knew it wasn’t lack of movement, we knew she was eating healthy, and we knew no new stress elements were added to her life, so her state didn’t make sense to us. This lasted for quite sometime, almost a year, during which there isn’t a doctor we didn’t take her to.

The first GP we took her to did a blood test for her, which revealed nothing abnormal, and he prescribed to her dizziness pills for a month, which did absolutely nothing to fix her state. Then we thought maybe it’s an ear balance thing, so we took her to an ENT, who tested her ear inside out and put her in machines that would rotate her entire body like a rollercoaster to measure inner ear balance. Again, all tests came back clear, and nothing was found. We then took her for a neurologist, who did a CT scan for her brain to ensure there weren’t any tumors, again, nothing was found, so the doctor decided it’s caused by stress and gave her sedatives and sleeping pills, which she wisely decided was pointless and stopped shortly after. We then took her to a GP, who did an EKG to her heart and took an ultrasound of it to ensure no veins were being blocked by any chance. Again, everything looked perfectly fine. Let me tell you this, the more and more tests we took mum to, the more we all got depressed and helpless for still not understanding what’s going on! We then took her to another neurologist who decided to ultrasound all her neck veins and feet veins to ensure nothing is blocked there that could cause some of her symptoms. Needless to say, again everything came back clear. We tried all hospitals, private and public, general doctors and specialists, no one was able to find what was wrong with mum, and her symptoms persisted along the way.

It wasn’t until a year later, when one of mum’s old friends of more than 30 years (who moved back to her country Egypt about 15 years ago) came to Dubai for a visit. In their catching up, mum told her about her medical problems and all the random doctors she had gone to, and almost instantly mum’s friend told she had the same problem some time back! When mum’s friend asked her doctor, she told her this is expected to happen during and after menopause cause women’s body go through many changes caused by the drop of estrogen in their body (which affects everything from bone to heart health to blood flow), and that all she had to do was take specialized multivitamins for women aged 50 and plus. Just waw! Look at how quick her doctor diagnosed her! So mum asked the pharmacist if she had any such pills and she directly gave it to her. She only noticed a week later to starting the meds how her dizziness and nausea and all her symptoms started to subside! And in no time, she no longer suffered from any of her symptoms. Just imagine how all her problems were almost instantaneously fixed through a multi-vitamin that apparently her OBGYN was supposed to prescribe to her the moment she started her menopause!


A month later we were travelling to London, and we have this habit of checking out pharmacies in foreign countries to see what new medications they have, so mum asked the pharmacist about the multivitamin for women 50+ and showed her the one she uses, so the pharmacist confirmed it’s correct, she has to use it from now on, and that preferably she should also have omega pills along with it to ensure she has full nutrition supply.


Mum has been taking those pills combined for 2 years now and her health is mashalla back to its best state, she’s at times healthier than all of us. We’ve always wondered, how did none of the doctors we went to ever advice about this? Did they not know about this menopause setback? Or did they not know about the existence of those pills? Some doctors had the audacity to suggest that mum’s issue was caused by her age and that she had to deal with it! You know what’s even weirder, is that recently mum was going for a general checkup with her GP, and she showed her doctor the pills she’s taking, the doctor was actually astounded with the idea of those pills and their ingredients! She never knew about their existence, and was so impressed by them that she ensured on mum to always keep taking them, and noted the name of the meds down to recommend for her patients from now on.

Mum has been on a mission for a year now, to spread this new gained awareness between her circle of family and friends, because many would be going through the symptoms and either no doctors would know the answer or they simply would attribute it to getting old! We raise awareness campaigns on almost everything, on many kinds of cancer and diseases all of which you aren’t guaranteed to get, just a possibility. But every woman that reaches menopause sooner or later is guaranteed to go through this, so isn’t this more of a pressing cause to raise an awareness campaign to save this reverend generations of parents and grandparents from a misery they do not need to go through with all the available and accessible advancement of medication.

Fun fact, there are actually retirement magazines around the world, but none in the Arab region, not even imported and sold in the bookshops. Can you only imagine the amount of relevant, useful, and much needed information that would be shared on such magazines for that age group. Any takers on the idea?

Tell your mothers and aunts and friends about this, share this article around so others as well can tell their dear ones. No one should suffer from such trivial symptoms and be told it’s cause of age!

Reading material on post menopause meds:

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