#BookReview Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

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That void good books leave behind..
I finished this book last night and just absolutely loved it! Although it was relatively long, almost 600 pages, it wasn’t easy to put down at all.
It’s the first fictional book I read for african authors, and they definitely have a wealth of writing.
Chimamanda’s book Americanah  is a about a Nigerian girl who grew up in Nigeria and makes the move to the US to continue her study there after all the issues happening in Nigeria. She spends almost 15 years there before she decides to move back to Nigeria.
The story brings attention to so many interesting issues, immigration and its toll on the identities of kids who can’t exactly define where they belong to, it draws a great distinction between africans blacks and african americans blacks as 2 complete different cultures, heritages, and histories, it brings attention to the big suffering of immigrants and the struggle of making a living with the student/visit visa restrictions, and I find it amazing how they focused on race in a way to show that black africans never looked at themselves as black till they went to the US where being black made them at the bottom of social hierarchy and all what it comes with from psychological impacts.
The protagonist (Ifemelu) then moves back to Nigeria and you see how she can’t at first fit back in easily, cause her perspectives have changed and now she is considered an Americanah because of all her changed beliefs, behaviors and mindsets.
Amazing book with so much depth, I definitely highly recommend reading it!

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