The 10 Major Life Changes That Helped Me Conquer My Migraines – Part 2

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As I shared with you yesterday the first 5 points of how I conquered my migraines, here are the last 5 points in my journey. Hope what I learned along the way helps you and your loved ones in their journey with migraine.

  1. I learned to love and commit to drinking water, loads and loads of it. I must drink 2 liters of water a day. A full glass (which is half a 500 ml bottle) when I first wake up, another full glass before I sleep. And spread the rest across the day evenly. A glass before and after shower (I read that somewhere, due to dehydration or so). Drinking a cup of coffee or tea must be followed with a glass of water cause caffeine dries your brain.
  2. Posture, posture, oh posture. If only someone had told me early on about this! I studied computer science and had a career for almost 10 years in IT, this meant I’m always bent down and neck forward to my laptop! And having laptops instead of desktops is the worst thing ever cause the laptop’s screen is never in your eyesight while you’re sitting with your back and neck straight so you have to bend, while the desktop’s screen can be high enough to your eyesight while sitting straight. Realizing the importance of this at a late stage meant my neck was already weakened (developing what is called as computer hunch or forward neck posture) and I had to find the right support everywhere for it, this meant the following:
    1. All home sofas now had to be have a higher back so I can rest my head on it while sitting straight, not having to slide a little down to have it rested on it. This slide affects both your back and neck.
    2. Work chair had to have a high back to support my neck, so I always force myself to bring my back straight, shoulder aligned, and neck backwards.
    3. It took starting physiotherapy to understand how even when I have my back and shoulders straightened, I still unconsciously have my neck peaking forward, and it took few physiotherapy session to learn how to align it with my back and shoulder. I still have to be conscious about it cause bending it became a habit. Note, this is worsened by the constant bend down on mobiles.
    4. Car seat is now straighten up as well and brought to the right distance required by my legs, to ensure I’m not leaning back or forward.
    5. To the local ladies, you know how some of us uses this rather big hair clips? I had to reduce and sometimes eliminate using that. Cause using it forced the neck to peak forward even worse, imagine sitting on a straight back chair, all your back and shoulders aligned with it, but your head couldn’t be aligned cause the hair clips pushed your head forward to give it space. Dropping that off was a relief and comfort to my neck.
    6. I stopped wearing heels. I know many think of heals as a way to look good, professional, prestige and so on. But honestly my back was in a bad state, and my bent forward shoulder and neck only got worse for some reason with high heels, and I really wore high heels for so long in my long working hours. I now invest in professional and nice flat shoes, and what a blessing they are.
  3. General cardio exercise is incredibly useful, and helps maintain a healthy blood circulation. But again, if you will do this then just as mentioned in the third point, try to always exercise at the same time of the day. Also, as mentioned in the above 6th point, exercising my back, shoulders and neck muscles in the right way was very essential to strengthen back the muscles that got so weakened by my posture and helped reduce much of the pain that used to cause headaches and migraines.
  4. Having a healthy mattress (more stiff than soft) and ensuring a healthy pillow (isn’t too flat, but not too big/high cause that will affect your neck posture as well), and when sleeping on your side, the pillow has to be brought all the way to your shoulder. Just google this up to see the right pillow setting.
  5. One of the most suspected causes of migraine is often a chronic infection in the sinuses. And every ENT doctor would examine it and find no issue, then say I have to live with it as it is. One doctor even X-Rayed my face to ensure there wasn’t anything happening in my sinuses area. Nothing there either. I did though have an issue with breathing that most doctors just disregarded. My issue was that I feel I’m taking a huge breath of air, but I can barely feel the air come in, which means lack of oxygen going in the brain, which causes more headaches. But doctors here don’t like to be told what to look for. Till one day a friend recommended this doctor in Sulaiman Habib hospital, his name is Dr. Ayman Freihat. When he examined me he instantly said, yes you have a problem called deviated septum which also seems to have been pushing on your adenoids and causing it to inflate. To confirm the diagnoses, I got a CT scan for my nose. Diagnoses was confirmed, and I went for the surgery to fix the deviation and laser down the adenoids (not cutting them out like old school methods). The air that started to come in after the recovery was remarkable. Like the doctor said, it felt like a whole new highway opened up in my nose, and that helped my breathing so much, and to an extent was the closing deal on my migraine!

This is how I managed my migraines and eliminated them from my life for the past 3-4 years, what worked with you? And ideas here are that striking cords with you?

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