The Bill Cosby Scandal, and How I Feel About It

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New York Magazine from cover for their 27July - 9 Aug issue
New York Magazine from cover for their 27July – 9 Aug issue

I wanted to not comment on this, but the story is getting bigger and bigger, that I can’t indulge in my denial anymore.

To those who don’t know, there is a case that has been building up against Bill Cosby for quite some time, that he raped women with the aid of a sedative drug since the 80s.

When the first few allegations started, I wanted to believe it was just for the publicity, though I’m a strong believer that when a woman comes forward with this, no matter what, she is right and the man is definitely at fault and must be convicted, even if there wasn’t enough evidence, cause really, how can you prove such a thing other than believing the woman who would never say such a thing on herself if she wasn’t emotionally hurt by this!

But when this was a case against a figure I’ve loved and respected since my childhood, with his both Cosby shows from the 80s and 90s, I really wanted this not to be true. I was battling between hating him for what he did, despising his disgusting morale for even considering doing this, and between wanting to hold on to the high image I’ve held for him as the great husband and father and respected entertainer.

But now, the case has grown beyond denial, now 45 women came forward so far confessing that this happened to them too. 35 of them have been interviewed by New York Magazine and the article is on their website.

I’m still in shock, and I still don’t know how to react to this. Can I hate him and be disgusted from him and still admire the persona he acted on his old shows, and hope that such persona could exist in real life?

How have you been taking the news on this scandal?

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