The Funeral of Youth Ambitions

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We’ve all been at this subject over and over again. Social media influencers, or more specifically, popular instagrammers. I’m not referring to all of them, I’m referring to the ones who are popular not for their specialty, not for their craft, but merely for posting selfies and videos of their daily lives and ramblings. Some instagrammers have reached that level by being an expert in something or associated with any kind of creativity: fashion bloggers, artists, musicians, writers; those are very legit in comparison. But those who baffle me are the popular instagrammers who when asked about, no one can answer what are they known for, except with: oh, everyone knows them on instagram.

I learned that majority of people like to consume easy content. And the content of most of those popular instagrammers is just that, easy to consume, you don’t have to think, you don’t have to work your mind, you just scroll over it. Hence, the huge rise in the number of their followers on instagram. And notice how this is mainly on instagram, you don’t find that as much on twitter or facebook, that requires actual substance of content. You might find it though on snapchat, cause it’s easier to make empty content there as well.

Can I blame them? Those who got crazy popular in such a short time on those platforms? I would like to, but most of them are kids! They aren’t thinking how this will affect them when they’re older, they aren’t thinking how will this impact their kids when they have some who are at wise age to understand. They’re too young to bother with how this will impact new generations. Who to blame then? People who follow them? Maybe to an extent, cause if they had not followed them, they wouldn’t be in this inexplicable state of fame. But who I’d clearly hold accountable for their continuity are the organizations, agencies and anyone who contributed in their sustainability by inviting them to prestigious events as VIP guests and paying them for that a whole hefty amounts of money, putting their faces on products, and interviewing and featuring them on different media platforms.

After the recent viral campaign by a large known organization that got a number of those influencers, I was thinking about the new phenomena that arrived after the influencers phenomena so shortly, the phenomena of “influencers agency”. I was torn between thinking what a brilliant quick buck business model, and between thinking God they have just killed the ambitions of all upcoming generations. They’ve just blasted all streets with posters of people whose mere accomplishment in life is having large number of followers on social media by posting empty content, and above that, got paid huge amounts of money for that appearance.

We are no longer telling kids look up for doctors, engineers, scientists, artists, authors, and any of those craftsmen or professionals that changed the world and built the community. No. Why bother with that! Look up to those influencers, do like them to have your picture up there and be well paid for it. Why bother anymore with a university degree, with a career or a successful business. Just sell your image.

Some get uncomfortable every time we raise this subject again. But I believe we need to keep bringing it up, we need to keep raising awareness and opening eyes to the negative impact it has on our community, the youth’s dimensioning aspiration, and not to mention, the misplaced allocation of marketing budgets. And maybe one day, after all of us have talked and talked about it, then organizations and agencies will stop spending on them, and the bubble will burst, and people will eventually realize that your worth is measured by your hardwork not by the number of your followers, and that you have to dream big and work hard to be of value.

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