Do not miss a single chance

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OK. So let’s try the feature of posting via emails!

The below is a text I loved from the “I Believe God Wants You to Know” by “Neale Donald Walsch”.

I truly believe in this. And as I discussed with my friend, life toughens us so much that we tend not to tell the people we love what we feel about them on instant basis, for different reasons; fear of being ridiculed, rejected, disappointed, misunderstood or so on. It takes so much from us not to make everyone we meet pay for what few people did for us sometime in our lives.

So read the below carefully and apply…


To find beauty in everyone you must see beauty in everyone, then announce that you see it, for in announcing it, you place it there in their reality.

Do not miss a single chance — not one single opportunity — to tell someone how wonderful they are, how special they are, how important to you they are, how incredible as a person they are, how beautiful they are inside and out. Do not miss a single opening in which to insert such a comment, genuinely felt and genuinely meant.

Make it your life’s mission today to bring to the attention of another just how extraordinary they are. Say it. Say it. SAY it. Their heart is waiting to know that their own best thought about themselves can be believed.

by Neale Donald Walsch


With Love,

Iman Ben Chaibah

2 thoughts on “Do not miss a single chance

    Wahida Karama said:
    September 18, 2010 at 12:34 PM

    Lovely! Beautiful thought to share Iman! You always have so much beautiful things to share with us, and we love you for it! xoxox

      Iman Ben Chaibah responded:
      September 18, 2010 at 1:08 PM

      Oww thanks Idda! love you more xoxo miss you…

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